Fireweed Collective

Fireweed Collective understands that mental health is an intersectional social justice issue. We have over 13 years of experience in fostering emotional well-being, healing, and emotional justice. We are available for institutions, communities, and organizations that want to begin conversations about emotional health and healing justice in their lives, families, and communities. We hold listening spaces and facilitate collective conversations about emotional well-being. We also offer talks to share our seasoned anti-oppressive analysis of the mental health system, how it works, and how it reproduces oppression. We share the social care alternatives we have created over the years. We are particularly interested in fostering the emotional health of social justice activists, spaces, and communities. All 2020 workshops are available in either English or Spanish, and are delivered online.


We offer a variety of workshops for general audiences, social justice organizations, and campus communities. You can read all general workshop descriptions here.


Fireweed Collective works with schools, organizations, and other groups on a sliding-scale basis $200-$500 per facilitator. We set our rates in relation to your group’s budget and access to resources.