Fireweed Collective

WHY WE ARE INVESTING IN JOY – A letter to our people

won’t you celebrate with me what i have shaped into a kind of life? i had no model. born in babylon both nonwhite and woman what did i see to be except myself? i made it up here on this bridge between starshine and clay, my one hand holding tight my other hand; come celebrate … Continued

Winter 2021 OFFERINGS

Fireweed Collective is excited to announce our offerings for Winter 2021. We will be offering webinars, parties, and over a dozen support groups. Become a monthly sustainer for $10 or more or make a one-time donation of $100 or more and you will automatically receive in your inbox the zoom links for the webinars and … Continued

Mad World: Psychiatry, Abolition, and New Horizons

Psychiatry and psych wards are tools of the police state. Join Elliott Fukui for a webinar about disability justice and abolition. In this current political moment, we need to raise awareness about the inner workings of the mental health system so that we do not replace one oppressive system with another.

Antoinette Chen See

Antoinette Chen-See (She/They) is a multidisciplinary organizer, builder, and community weaver for the people. From coordinating and throwing qtpoc benefit parties with the Ships in the Night Collective for 8 years, to practice in co-counseling and support team work for over 10 years, Antoinette’s passions including bringing people together in loving, healing and fantastic ways. … Continued

Lilac Vylette Maldonado

Lilac Vylette Maldonado (she/they) is a community organizer and culture worker who identifies as a sick & disabled, neurodivergent, Two-Spirit, Chicanx femme. She has been actively organizing since 2009 around many intersectional social justice issues such as racial justice, gender justice, disability justice, LGBTQIA+ issues, and body autonomy and acceptance. They are an avid zinester … Continued

Emotional First Aid

Do you know how to support someone experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis? So many of us want to show up for others who need support, but just don’t know what to do. This 3 to 6 hours training covers the basics of how to provide emotional first aid for someone you know and … Continued

Supporting Self-Determination: Fireweed’s 101 For Mental Health Providers, Health Care Workers, Educators, And Other Professionals

The current mental health paradigm centers around the sometimes alienating language of “illness” and “disorder,” and often discounts the emotional impacts of oppression and injustice. Many people find that these approaches from the mental health mainstream can be a source of stigma and hopelessness. What can mental health professionals and others in the helping professions … Continued

Authoring our Stories

This workshop has been designed to support participants in understanding the stories they were born into and the stories that have been told for them. Participants will gain new insights about their own stories, how they are related to larger narratives, and begin the process of authoring their stories in their own words. Participants will … Continued