Fireweed Collective



Thia (they/them/xe/xir) is a Haitian nonbinary & queer, nuerodivergent human and learner of Life. I seek the paradigm shift that will heal and rebalance the planet and every being on it. Aligning myself with that mission, I am always aiming for growth, love, community, humility, healing, and ultimately liberation. Continuing the legacy of my ancestors, I’m an abolitionist fighting to establish a world that can operate outside these systems and institutions through community empowerment. As an abolitionist, I also fight for the reparations needed to revert the harm done to the planet and the populations of folks impacted by colonization. I’m a political educator, Transformative Justice practitioner, and healing justice facilitator. These quests shape much of my identity. Healing and Disability justice has revitalized my stamina and longevity in the struggle for liberation, reopening my playful, passionate, fiery, thoughtful, multifaceted, and powerful nature.