Fireweed Collective
[Image description: a string of three images featuring queer and Trans People of Color. The first features a tattoo-clad Asian trans masculine person wearing a red embroidered floral short-sleeved button-down shirt and large headphones manipulates a soundboard with their mouth playfully agape. The second features a seductively grinning Black femme peering behind her right shoulder in a soft yellow lace bra and boy shorts panties set. Her straight crimson hair is gathered atop her head in a ponytail that cascades down past her shoulders with big gold hoops peeking proudly through just below her cheeks. The third features a Black fat femme with shoulder length wavy magenta hair standing profile sporting a jovial squinted-eye guffaw on her face while wearing a black floral lace bodysuit over a satin-sheen fuchsia bra which hoists up a host of dollars at her cleavage, a silver choker necklace with a large ice cream cone charm, and black horn-rimmed glasses.]

Do you need some time to just hang out with people, without having to talk, think, learn, or be on camera if you don’t want to? We sure do! From your floor, your chair, or your table join DJ Chico Chi and Go-Go dancers Blue Charisma and Cinnamon Maxxine for monthly Queer Dance Parties. Come in glitter costume or your coziest pajamas.

Curious about why we are offering parties? Click here to learn more!