Fireweed Collective

Critical Harm Reduction Approaches in the Age of the Opioid Crises

How is the current opioid crisis shifting perspectives of drug use, and in what ways is this crisis reinforcing criminalization, mass incarceration and the militarization of the border?

This webinar will give an overview of harm reduction approaches to drug use including overdose prevention, recognition, and response. We will discuss the social determinates of health for people who use drugs, including harm reduction informed treatment recommendations. This discussion will move beyond the ‘treatment’ narrative, and explore the concepts of illegality and innocence within the opioid crisis.

Facilitated by Nathan Leach

Nathan is a community resource and health educator and has helped cultivate a variety of community-based projects in Phoenix, including a local bike co-op that provides resources and education to community members who rely on bicycles as their main form of transportation. In 2011 Nathan co-founded the first syringe access program in Maricopa County and in 2016 he completed a master’s level clinical internship focusing on harm reduction counseling in rural areas.