Fireweed Collective

Emotional First Aid Part 3

So many of us want to show up for others who need support, but just don’t know what to do. This three part webinar will cover the basics of how to provide emotional first aid for someone you know and love, or even someone you just met. Building off of the content offered in Parts 1 and 2, we will offer practical skills that you can practice in your everyday life. This webinar format will consist of one hour presentation and one hour for discussion.

Live Spanish Interpretation by tilde Language Justice Cooperative & English Captioning by 20/20.

Facilitator Bio

Agustina Vidal has been part of The Icarus Project Community since 2006, and is currently the program Director. Her focus is the development of new tools and resources for both the U.S. and Latin America.
The Icarus Project provides healing justice resources, education, and programs through a queer feminist lens.