Fireweed Collective

Street Therapy: Emotional Resistance in Action

This two-hour webinar will cover the basics of how to care for yourself and others before, during, and after actions, including: 

  • Somatic practices you can incorporate into your action preparedness kit
  • How to recognize signs of distress, and build your toolkit to assist those in need
  • Trauma and cycles of the nervous system and what to do when someone is in a state of shock or escalation
  • Practices that will help you support yourself to stay calm and regulated
  • The importance of healing justice as guiding aspects of organizing resistance, such as forming safety teams and designated emotional support people that extend grounding to the crowd in the form of reminders, affirmations, and guiding requests.
  • Ways to utilize tools for community mental health care, including preparing support plans in advance and a debrief afterward

If you can’t join us live, you can still register to get the recording and follow-up resources afterwards. As always, we’re offering this webinar on a sliding scale starting at $0. Please help us pay for the costs of offering this webinar by donating what you can (suggested $15) at you can chip in more that helps us cover costs for someone who can’t give and keeps our work accessible to all incomes.