Fireweed Collective

Learn How to Start or Be Part of a Care Team, Care Pod, or Support Group

In a world that daily attacks our emotional and physical wellbeing, care teams, care pods, or support groups can save lives. They provide a space for belonging and healing. However, organizing and maintaining a strong support group can seem like an overwhelming task. Long time Icarus member Elliott Fukui will share a how-to start and keep a support group going. You will learn about the basics of starting a group, different structures and modalities, and how to overcome common challenges.

This webinar will have live captions and Spanish interpretation. Live Spanish Interpretation by tilde Language Justice Cooperative & English Captioning by 20/20.

Facilitator Bio

Elliott Fukui is an organizer, trainer and facilitator with almost two decades of experience working with communities impacted by systemic and interpersonal violence. He has strong grounding in and commitment to Transformative Justice, Community Accountability, Disability Justice and Mutual Aid practices.

The Icarus Project provides healing justice resources, education, and programs through a queer feminist lens.