Fireweed Collective

Mental Health Crises First Responders

Here at The Icarus Project, we believe mental and emotional crisis support work is an important skill to learn and practice. Join us for a webinar on Sunday June 17th at 7:30pm to learn the basics of how to immediately respond to crisis in your community. We will share helpful approaches and concrete tools to … Continued

Emotional First Aid

Do you know how to support someone experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis? So many of us want to show up for others who need support, but just don’t know what to do. This webinar will cover the basics of how to provide emotional first aid for someone you know and love or even … Continued

Street Therapy: Emotional Resistance in Action

This two-hour webinar will cover the basics of how to care for yourself and others before, during, and after actions, including:  Somatic practices you can incorporate into your action preparedness kit How to recognize signs of distress, and build your toolkit to assist those in need Trauma and cycles of the nervous system and what … Continued

Decolonizing Mental Health

This Saturday, we will offer historical context of the intersection of mental health & oppression in the U.S. We will talk about how oppression impacts mental health on individual, collective and intergenerational levels. Additionally, we will examine how the mental health system reinforces this oppression and offer alternative narratives and tools that shift us toward … Continued