Fireweed Collective


Anti-Oppressive Mental Health 101

Join Fireweed Collective for an overview of the foundations of the mental health system and the Disability Justice and Healing Justice movements. We will take a look at the histories and core beliefs of each approach, and how they manifest in the delivery and outcomes of mental health care.

*Open Workshop – January 28th, 1-3 PM PST / 4-6 PM EST

*Workshop for BIPOC Folks – February 2nd, 4-6 PM PST / 7-9 PM EST

*Workshop for Mental Health/Healing Justice workers and providers – February 25th, 1-4 PM PST / 4-7 PM EST

Witnessing: A Practice Space For Active Listening

Witnessing is the foundation of connection. Only when we see people we can build mutual understanding and engage in effective communication. Join Fireweed Collective for this practice space to skill up in witnessing and being witnessed.

*Open Space – February 4th, 1-3 PM PST / 4-6 PM EST

*BIPOC Space – January 12th, 1-3 PM PST / 4-6 PM EST


All workshops are Mutual Education Spaces, interaction and participation are required.


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TF Is A Safety Team? Presented by Elliott Fukui

January 27th @ 5-7 PM PST / 8-10 PM EST

A safety team is a network of people that come together to support someone/each other in wellness and in crisis. Safety teams are a community-based creation of mad/neurodivergent/disabled/chronically ill folks that center people’s agency and self-determination and divest from police and psych wards. Through safety teams, we keep us safe and alive. Join Elliott Fukui to learn the basics and the logistics of assembling and running a safety team.

Dismantling The Cycle Of Romance. Presented by Dean Spade

 February 16th @ 5-7 PM PST / 8-10 PM EST

In a previous Fireweed Collective webinar, Dean Spade joined us to unpack the Romance Myth, what toxic lies it tells us, and how it impacts our lives, relationships, and social movements. This session will explore the common cycle of romance, which can occur in sexual relationships as well as friendships or relationships with organizations. How do the cycle of selection, positive projection, and growing attachment, disappointment, and conflict happen? What does it have to do with our early experiences in life and our drives to heal them as we grow? How can awareness of the common features of this cycle help us take care of ourselves and each other when it is playing out and find more capacity to align our actions with our values? Join us for a conversation about the cycle of romance and how we can navigate it with skill and care.

Support Groups

  1. QTBIPOC Support Space. Mondays at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST
  2. Live To Tell. A group for survivors of sexual violence. Fridays 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST
  3. Healing Verses: A Healing Justice Approach To Collective Poetry Crafting For BIPOC & Latinx Folks. Inspired By Trelani Michelle – Tuesdays 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST 
  4. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life. Black people leaning into media and creativity to vision a better world – Wednesdays 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST
  5. Spooned Out & Plugged In – A Group For Disabled/Chronically Ill/Neurodivergent Folks – Saturdays 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST
  6. Spooned Out & Plugged In – A Group For BIPOC Disabled/Chronically Ill/Neurodivergent Folks – Saturdays 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST