Fireweed Collective

The Staff of Fireweed Collective consist of individuals whose work is informed by experiences of mental health-based issues and oppression. This wonderful group of healers, cultural workers, community organizers, and rabble rousers brings energy and wisdom to our strategic and programmatic direction.

Meet The Team

Antoinette Chen See

Peer Support and Mutual Aid Lead / Facilitator

Antoinette Chen-See (She/They) is a multidisciplinary organizer, builder, and community weaver for the people. From coordinating and throwing qtpoc benefit parties with the Ships in the Night Collective for 8 years, to practice in co-counseling and support team work for over 10 years, Antoinette’s passions including bringing people together in loving, healing and fantastic ways. As a Queer Jamaican American, Antoinette’s work is guided by the desire to create communities that move us closer to healing and liberation.

Lilac Vylette Maldonado

Cultural Work Lead / Facilitator

Lilac Vylette Maldonado (she/her) is a community organizer and culture worker who identifies as a sick & disabled, neurodivergent, Two-Spirit, Chicanx femme. She has been actively organizing since 2009 around many intersectional social justice issues such as racial justice, gender justice, disability justice, LGBTQIA+ issues, and body autonomy and acceptance. She is an avid zinester who has written and created artwork for various academic and social justice themed DIY booklets. She is a co-founding member of and logistics coordinator for the Los Angeles Spoonie Collective, a grassroots disability justice group connecting disabled activists and artists to community organizing and education opportunities.

Kelly George

Partnerships and Programs Lead

Kelly ‘Kel’ George (she/her/ella) is an international public speaker, facilitator, and emotional wellness coach speaking loud and proud about mental health, emotional intelligence, and bipolar neurodiversity. Brooklyn, NY – Lenape land is her stomping grounds. As a Black-Latinx queer, bipolar neurodivergent, with roots in Panama and Trinidad salsa, calypso, and soca music are the language of her hips. Kel is risk positive and lives for blood-pumping, heart-pounding, daring activities from skydiving to kickboxing.

Kel came to healing justice and the Fireweed Collective in search of her own healing. During the journey, she found other comrades committed to community healing and invested in rewriting their narrative from an abolitionist perspective. Kel founded Real Resilience, LLC to coach and serve others to identify their resilience story, live in the power of their unique gifts, and support other daily mental health survivors. Real Resilience utilized a healing justice framework to address the knowledge gap within organizations on how to develop inclusive and psychologically safe work ecosystems that drive innovation and untapped human potential.



Thia (they/them/xe/xir) is a Haitian nonbinary & queer, nuerodivergent human and learner of Life. I seek the paradigm shift that will heal and rebalance the planet and every being on it. Aligning myself with that mission, I am always aiming for growth, love, community, humility, healing, and ultimately liberation. Continuing the legacy of my ancestors, I’m an abolitionist fighting to establish a world that can operate outside these systems and institutions through community empowerment. As an abolitionist, I also fight for the reparations needed to revert the harm done to the planet and the populations of folks impacted by colonization. I’m a political educator, Transformative Justice practitioner, and healing justice facilitator. These quests shape much of my identity. Healing and Disability justice has revitalized my stamina and longevity in the struggle for liberation, reopening my playful, passionate, fiery, thoughtful, multifaceted, and powerful nature.

Elliott Fukui

Strategy & Advisor

Elliott Fukui He/Him, has been an organizer, trainer and facilitator for over 20 years. He has had the privilege of living and organizing across the country and is currently based in Ohlone Territory/The Bay Area. He comes to this work as a Mad Queer and Trans Nikkei Hafu Psych Survivor. He has primarily worked in Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities, working to support folks in community security strategies, emotional wellness and safety planning, and inclusive campaign and solidarity work. He loves building curricula, radical cartographies, and movement history. You can check his work out at .