Fireweed Collective

Kelly George

Partnerships and Programs Lead

Kelly ‘Kel’ George (she/her/ella) is an international public speaker, facilitator, and emotional wellness coach speaking loud and proud about mental health, emotional intelligence, and bipolar neurodiversity. Brooklyn, NY – Lenape land is her stomping grounds. As a Black-Latinx queer, bipolar neurodivergent, with roots in Panama and Trinidad salsa, calypso, and soca music are the language of her hips. Kel is risk positive and lives for blood-pumping, heart-pounding, daring activities from skydiving to kickboxing.

Kel came to healing justice and the Fireweed Collective in search of her own healing. During the journey, she found other comrades committed to community healing and invested in rewriting their narrative from an abolitionist perspective. Kel founded Real Resilience, LLC to coach and serve others to identify their resilience story, live in the power of their unique gifts, and support other daily mental health survivors. Real Resilience utilized a healing justice framework to address the knowledge gap within organizations on how to develop inclusive and psychologically safe work ecosystems that drive innovation and untapped human potential.