Fireweed Collective

Buy A Ticket, Get A Free Hat! Your purchase supports a QTBIPOC artisan and helps Fireweed Collective offer free-of-cost support groups to QTBIPOC folks. Attendance is not required to claim your hat. Click here to purchase a ticket. All hats are made by Silk Crafts And Foods. Visit our Instagram to check out more photos of the hats.

Winter Pom Pom Beanie

Rae Stone (they/them)

Winter Hoodie

Rae Stone (they/them)


Slouchy Red Panda

Antoinette (she/they)

Fireweed Collective

Cat Earflap (choose your colors)

Maya (she/her)

Fireweed Collective

Pillbox Hat (choose your colors)

Lilac (She/they)

Fireweed Collective

Visor Hat (choose your colors)

Thia (xie/they)

Fireweed Collective

Bear Beanie (choose your colors)

Agustina (she/they)

Fireweed Collective

Slouchy Raccoon

Aida Manduley (they/them)

Shout out to Latinx Therapists in Action

Trans Slouchy Panda

Brandi Michele Augustus (she/her)

Shout Out to Knoxville’s Black Mamas’ Bail Out

Rainbow Slouchy Cat

Luna Bee

Chunky Beanie (choose your colors)

DiDi Delgado (DiDi/they/them)

Shout Out to Done For DiDi

Pompom Hat (choose your colors)

Alan Luis Ramirez (they/them)

Mushroom Beret

Grace Nichols (they/them)

Kinship Minister – Soulforce

Bunny Earflap (choose your colors)

RJ Maccani (he/they)

Shout Out to Common Justice

Fox Beanie