Fireweed Collective

Coping with Physical and Psychiatric Disabilities: A strengths- and empowerment-based approach. Presented By Rebel Sidney Black


January 31, 2021 @ 6:00PM — 8:00PM

This webinaris an opportunity to learn about the tools I use–from pacing myself to social change work, and from honoring my ancestors to quilting–when coping with mental health challenges and chronic pain. I will talk about DBT skills as well as practices that I have developed myself and learned from others.This webinar will have simultaneous Spanish and ASL interpretation and live transcription.

Rebel Sidney Black (they/them pronouns) is a light-skinned multiracial, nonbinary, zami (same gender loving), disabled person. They have 15 years of experience doing community organizing, facilitating social justice trainings, contributing to community-based theorizing, and nonprofit leadership.

Rebel is currently a distance learning student to earn an MS in Counseling. They are interested in integrating counseling with social change work and apply a racial justice and anti-oppressions lens to everything they do. Their long-term goal is to create a therapy collective that integrates individual and group therapy with systemic change work to heal the individual, intergenerational, and systemic traumas that our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Multiracial folks, and People of Color) communities experience. They are also committed to incorporating traditional, cultural, and spiritual practices into this work.

Rebel has a history of mental health diagnosis of Bipolar, PTSD, and they are a suicide attempt survivor