Fireweed Collective

Mad Maps Webinar


Mad Maps are wellness documents that help us to navigate our emotional terrains, particularly as they relate to issues like oppression and trauma. In our Mad Maps workshop participants examine the way oppression impacts our perspectives and experiences of mental health, and explore non-judgmental approaches to emotional wellbeing, as well as build strategies for coping with and transforming individual struggles, especially in the larger context of social injustice. 

This webinar will have live captioning and live Spanish interpretation. If you cannot join at this time, register at the same link to receive a recording of the webinar afterwards. 


Hieu Tran (they/them, he/him) is a Viet, chronically ill, tender queer, born and raised in Virginia out of the Viet diaspora. Hieu’s projects and interests include farming, finance and economics in late capitalism, artmaking/crafts, serving on the Southerners On New Ground board, and using science fiction and fantasy to explore the future. Hieu is rooted in our struggle to survive, thrive, and connect to a living movement.

Byul Yoon is an organizer coming out of the student labor movement. At The Icarus Project, she supports strategic development and operations. While working as an organizer with different labor and student organizations, Byul found herself struggling with severe anxiety and depression and recognized that this is a common struggle for movement leaders who often don’t have access to the support they need. She is committed to supporting the spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being of organizers and activists. Byul currently lives in Chicago, but has great love for her homes in Columbus, Ohio and Seoul, Korea.