Fireweed Collective

Trigueña: Race and Gender Beyond The Border. Presented By Marie Angel Venarsian.


March 28, 2021 @ 6:00PM — 8:00PM

This webinar will offer a healing-based approach to examining the intersectionality between racial and gender colonization in Indigenous and Afro-centric communities in the American continent. We will look at how race and gender operate within the diasporas of the Americas using historical and socio-economic overviews. I will offer tools for healing and accountability to fortify solidarity across multicultural experiences.

This webinar will have simultaneous Spanish and ASL interpretation and live transcription.

Marie Angel Venarsian (she/her/they) is a two spirit-trans disable femme of Afro-Indigenous heritage, a human rights defender working on amplifying gender and race equity accessibility for marginalized communities within multiracial and gender-expansive spectrums. The foundation of my advocacy/activism is ending abuse and harm across all platforms of human existence focusing on improving wellness in education, healthcare, and employment via policy, reform, abolition, and educational media/art. I was born and raised in Honduras and escaped femicide in my teens and came to the US for a better life. I am currently in Lisbon Portugal awaiting an asylum procedure since I lived as an undocumented person for 13 years in the United States. Due to the Trump administration, I was at risk of deportation hence forcing me once again to seek protection as I remained a stateless advocate for half of my life. I began my advocacy work in 1998, as a UNICEF young educator and media advocate and later in my teens advocating for LGBTQi+ focused work and continued working in related areas with various NGO’s at a local and national level for the last 20 years. Currently, I practice private consultancy to solidify gender and race equity as a framework that truly pushes forward actionability and accountability with a grassroots lens. I am Marie Angel Venarsian (as if Venus was conceived on Mars) the Pink Moon Midnight Blue of magical folkloric Yoro, Honduras.