Fireweed Collective

Anti-Oppressive Mental Health 101

Join Fireweed Collective for an overview of the foundations of the mental health system and the Disability Justice and Healing Justice movements. We will take a look at the histories and core beliefs of each approach, and how they manifest in the delivery and outcomes of mental health care.

Open Workshop – January 28th, 1-3 PM PST / 4-6 PM EST

Workshop for BIPOC Folks – February 2nd, 4-6 PM PST / 7-9 PM EST

Workshop for Mental Health/Healing Justice workers and providers – February 25th, 1-4 PM PST / 4-7 PM EST

Witnessing: A Practice Space For Active Listening

Witnessing is the foundation of connection. Only when we see people we can build mutual understanding and engage in effective communication. Join Fireweed Collective for this practice space to skill up in witnessing and being witnessed.

Open Space – February 4th, 1-3 PM PST / 4-6 PM EST

BIPOC Space – January 12th, 1-3 PM PST / 4-6 PM EST


All workshops are Mutual Education Spaces, interaction and participation are required.