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Coping with Physical and Psychiatric Disabilities: A strengths- and empowerment-based approach. Presented By Rebel Sidney Black


January 31, 2021 @ 6:00PM — 8:00PM This webinaris an opportunity to learn about the tools I use–from pacing myself to social change work, and from honoring my ancestors to quilting–when coping with mental health challenges and chronic pain. I will talk about DBT skills as well as practices that I have developed myself and … Continued

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Past Webinars

Organizing Through The Pain: Young, Black, And Disabled. Presented By Yoselin Saucedo

February 28, 2021 @ 6:00PM — 8:00PM Yoselin is a Queer, Afro-latina, disabled mother, activist, and student. In this webinar, Yoselin will share tools and strategies for organizing while disabled. She will share tips on how to get involved and how to take to the streets (literally and figuratively) while taking care of our minds … Continued

Trigueña: Race and Gender Beyond The Border. Presented By Marie Angel Venarsian.

March 28, 2021 @ 6:00PM — 8:00PM This webinar will offer a healing-based approach to examining the intersectionality between racial and gender colonization in Indigenous and Afro-centric communities in the American continent. We will look at how race and gender operate within the diasporas of the Americas using historical and socio-economic overviews. I will offer … Continued

Mad World: Psychiatry, Abolition, and New Horizons

Psychiatry and psych wards are tools of the police state. Join Elliott Fukui for a webinar about disability justice and abolition. In this current political moment, we need to raise awareness about the inner workings of the mental health system so that we do not replace one oppressive system with another.

Emotional First Aid Part 2

 So many of us want to show up for others who need support, but just don’t know what to do. This three part webinar will cover the basics of how to provide emotional first aid for someone you know and love, or even someone you just met. Building off of the content offered in Part … Continued

Mad Maps Webinar

Mad Maps are wellness documents that help us to navigate our emotional terrains, particularly as they relate to issues like oppression and trauma. In our Mad Maps workshop participants examine the way oppression impacts our perspectives and experiences of mental health, and explore non-judgmental approaches to emotional wellbeing, as well as build strategies for coping … Continued

Learn How to Start or Be Part of a Care Team, Care Pod, or Support Group

In a world that daily attacks our emotional and physical wellbeing, care teams, care pods, or support groups can save lives. They provide a space for belonging and healing. However, organizing and maintaining a strong support group can seem like an overwhelming task. Long time Icarus member Elliott Fukui will share a how-to start and … Continued

Boundaries, Feeling, and Consent A Webinar for Survivors and Other Miracles Presented by Jacks McNamara

In this trauma-sensitive space, we will gather to explore ways to respect and care for ourselves, including developing our ability to feel and learning to express consent, make requests, and set boundaries. Using a combination of somatic exercises, journaling, and group discussion, we will examine what it means to return home to our bodies and … Continued