Fireweed Collective

Emotional First Aid Part 2

 So many of us want to show up for others who need support, but just don’t know what to do. This three part webinar will cover the basics of how to provide emotional first aid for someone you know and love, or even someone you just met. Building off of the content offered in Part … Continued

Mad Maps Webinar

Mad Maps are wellness documents that help us to navigate our emotional terrains, particularly as they relate to issues like oppression and trauma. In our Mad Maps workshop participants examine the way oppression impacts our perspectives and experiences of mental health, and explore non-judgmental approaches to emotional wellbeing, as well as build strategies for coping … Continued

Learn How to Start or Be Part of a Care Team, Care Pod, or Support Group

In a world that daily attacks our emotional and physical wellbeing, care teams, care pods, or support groups can save lives. They provide a space for belonging and healing. However, organizing and maintaining a strong support group can seem like an overwhelming task. Long time Icarus member Elliott Fukui will share a how-to start and … Continued

Boundaries, Feeling, and Consent A Webinar for Survivors and Other Miracles Presented by Jacks McNamara

In this trauma-sensitive space, we will gather to explore ways to respect and care for ourselves, including developing our ability to feel and learning to express consent, make requests, and set boundaries. Using a combination of somatic exercises, journaling, and group discussion, we will examine what it means to return home to our bodies and … Continued

Dealing with Triggers: A Webinar for Survivors with the Icarus Project

In this trauma-informed space, we will gather to explore ways to deal with triggers – events that bring up old trauma, take us out of current time, knock us off center, activate our stress responses, and make life really heard. Using a combination of somatic exercises, journalling, and discussion, we will examine ways to return … Continued

Care Lab: How the Hell Do I Actually do Interdependence

A lot of people these days like to talk about care collectives and care networks– groups of people who come together to care for each other’s physical or mental disability/care needs.  But what if you don’t have friends, or friends you feel you can ask to do that stuff? What if you’re afraid that you’ll … Continued

Mental Health at the Intersections of Drug Use & Sex Work

Drug-using sex workers are heavily pathologized and underserved as mental health patients and survivors. Join The Icarus Project for a webinar TONIGHT November 7th at 8pm et / 7pm ct / 6pm mt / 5pm pt to explore mental health at the intersections of drug use and sex work. Facilitated by Caty Simon Caty is the co-editor of Tits and … Continued

Fired Up and Burnt Out: Keeping it Together in Uncertain Times

How can we keep ourselves grounded as we participate in this movement moment? In our current political climate, we’re seeing many new activists and increasing momentum but also increasing burnout and despair. Join The Icarus Project THIS SUNDAY, September 30th at 7:00pm et / 6:00pm ct / 5:00 mt / 4:00pt for a webinar where we will … Continued